Monday, February 25, 2008


jon mclaughlin, doin it!

last night, shannon and i proudly watched our friend jon mclaughlin perform a song at the 80th annual academy awards.. it was so weird to know someone who was not only at the oscars, but also performed at it.. he sang "so close" a movie from the motion picture "enchanted" which he also sang the song in the actual movie..

here's a picture from the Oscars rehersal..

here is another pic i found on the internet of jon and his beautiful wife amy on the red carpet.. every time shannon and i have gone to see jon in show, we have had the privilege of having dinner with them after.. they are some of the nicest folks if you ever get to meet them.. it is just so incredible to see such a good guy makin it in the music biz..

here's a pic from way back when.. shannon and i were in atlanta, ga sept. 2006 while traveling with our last job.. it was the first time i met jon and amy.. he played a awesome show and was opening for dave barnes..

jon really does have so much goin for him and hes got a good head on his shoulders.. its neat to see amy's interaction in his career.. the two of them seem to work so well together.. well, i guess thats pretty much all ive got to say bout all that.. last thing is..

he performed at the oscars wearing a hollywood lookin suit with small dots on it.. one word.. uh wee

Thursday, February 21, 2008


waimea canyon.. kauai, hi

(click to enlarge)

here is a photo from the honeymoon.. popularly known as the grand canyon of hawaii.. or of the pacific.. i dont remember, either way it was awesome.. this was a collection of 3 pictures i took, then digitally aligned and merged together with adobe photoshop..


..victory is mine..

its has been a long process of healing since my knee operation, but things are going back to normal.. for the past few weeks, i started playing soccer on mondays and basketball on wednesdays.. i play soccer with a bunch of the mount hermon staff guys who happen to be of some central american origin (i was trying to find a way to not label them as just being mexican).. anyway, these guys are awesome and fun to play with.. they are all good soccer players.. ive had a blast playing with them but tired of being one of the only guys to not have cleats and of them running circles around me while i slip and fall frequently..

due to our financial situation, i knew it would be hard to convince the mrs to let me buy some cleats.. i searched many different websites but no luck finding cheap, size 14, cleats.. i eventually found these cleats (pictured above) on ebay, brand new and in the original box.. they were worth $100.. the starting bid was $14.99 and i decided to try my luck.. i put a bid in for $15.00, only a penny above the requested starting bid.. watched for 2 1/2 days and it went untouched.. i won the cleats for a penny over the starting bid..

now, i would say "to make a long story short" but i cant..

thats it..

story done..

i won..

personal points record:

me - 1
part of the economy that makes things expensive - ZERO