Saturday, June 21, 2008


..santa cruz sentinel..
yesterday i was in the newspaper for a interview i had with a reporter.. it was about this photo (above) of a burned american flag i helped save from being completely burned.. here is the link to the article..

santa cruz sentinel

the funny thing is, every time one of our firefighters makes the paper or news they owe the squad ice cream.. this is the 3rd time ive made the paper/news.. thats a lot of ice cream..


Saturday, June 14, 2008


life is good.. firefighting is going great.. i just got home from the martin fire here in county.. because we are so close, we were one of the first five engines on scene.. to make a long story short.. about 4:00 pm on wed. 6/11/08..
we walked into this guy..
above: this was the front page of our local paper.. i got these pictures off their website ( this is our engine E2320 pictured on the right flank of the fire..

above: this is what the fire looked like before it took off into the trees which were about 100 ft tall.. when the fire took off, all of the trees looked like the tree in the first picture.. the fire literally went from picture 2 to picture 1 in 5 minutes.. it was like walking along side a 150 ft tidal wave of fire.. needless to say, it was rippin.. we had to back out of the fire as the fire jumped to the other side of the street.. im the second guy with the red hose pack.. the media kept sayin that the fire station on martin road was lost, but our strike team saved it.. there is a cool picture at the end of this slide show of a melted american flag that i tried to save.. i also left a comment on the website..