Sunday, January 21, 2007


my goodness its been a while since ive been on here.. well, juss had a random thought that i dont want to forget.. i went with mrs. shannon wifey to babies"R"us to look at potential gifts for the future nephew.. we looked at some clothes then ventured to the crib section.. she showed me one that she thought would be great for lil vaka some day.. it was pretty nice lookin.. i wasnt feelin the pink and purple cribset but thought the crib was really nice.. after shannon walked away, a black crib caught my attention. it had a white and blue nautica cribset that juss look awesome.. i dont know what it was, but when i was lookin into the empty crib, i imagined my future child in it and a huge gust of emotion flew through me.. i called it the daddy goosebumps.. it was as if, i were standing there leaning on the crib as my son (i tend to beleive that my 1st will be a boy) is sleeping in complete and wholesome peace..

now, i know that shannon isnt pregnant right now cause im married to her and thats enough said.. but i am in awe of the thought that some day, i will have a child that my wife will bring to life and will look to me as its father.. thats awesome and i very much look forward to the day.. i dont want to to forget today.. although it was something small, it was still meaningful..