Sunday, August 27, 2006


i wish yall could see all of these wedding pics.. i do enjoy this one.. these are my four older brothers.. dont be fooled by the skin tone difference.. it might just be your computer color setting..

Thursday, August 24, 2006


today, the photographer sent in our digital copy of our wedding pictures.. they did a great job.. it was an unforgetable day.. my boy blake spann once said.. "marriage is awesome.. its like having a sleep over with your best friend every night".. enough said.. nite..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


this may be an odd picture to start bloggin on but i use it because it is funny to me.. im no art expert but this picture seems to illustrate a couple yelling in frustrating at each other.. i could be wrong and it may just be a couple in love who make cat-like faces to show their affection.. not so much.. its funny to me because i see my life in this picture in the way i have "conversated" with others in the past.. i bring this up because i have come to realize that life is one long conversation.. we conversate about everything in life from sports to celebrity news.. aches and pains.. accomplishments and the short comings of everyone else..
this conversation also includes our every day beliefs and differences.. like this pic, i used to force my beliefs on others in a way that was only interested in being heard instead of hearing.. ive been learning the life lesson that if you go into a conversation without the willingness to be wrong, its not a time of conversation but a session of forceful conversion.. instead of listening and engaging in conversation, my goal was to simply convert the others' thoughts to be like my own, for all to think like me.. for that i have been foolish..
i think of almighty and i see the example of compassion through ears.. listening to one another is the art that society abandoned and replaced with forceful speaking.. in all things, what becomes more and more evident to me is my human nature of crooked living.. i appreciate so much the art of listening and the value of conversation.. i believe society has suffered the same shift from conversation to conversion.. we dont listen to each other anymore.. we listen if it matches what we believe..
[ive hit a point right now where this concept has overwhelmed my brain and there are way too many thoughts for thoughtful and orderly blogging.. im gonna go ahead end this mess and pick up the pieces later].. peace..