Wednesday, December 05, 2007


value on earth..

over the thanksgiving weekend, i had a faith shifting conversation with my wiser and older brother aisea.. we were listening to a song called "fellowship" by meshell ndegeocello that has really expanded my views on living righteously.. the lyrics that caught my attention read..

would you walk
a righteous path
without the promise
of heaven,
streets paved in gold?

would you slay
your sister,
your brotherman
for another man's greed?

'cause if you believe that your god
is better than another man
how we gonna end
all your suffering?
'cause if you believe that your god
is better than another woman
how we gonna end
all your suffering and strife?

you believe
great god gonna come from the sky
take away everything,
and make everybody feel high
but if you know what life is worth
you'll look for your's here on earth

our conversation revolved around the question of whether we would still desire to live righteously if at this very second, heaven and all of its luxuries no longer existed?.. i grew up with the idea that if i was a good person here on earth, i would have a golden crown waiting for me in heaven along with my very own mansion.. i would walk the streets of gold and never feel pain ever again.. whether or not this becomes a reality in heaven, i made the mistake of allowing this idea to become the very reason why i did right or good, my reasoning for obedience, why i tried not to sin.. it was as if, as long as i can behave myself and do what the bible says, I get all of these things..

the question is do we really desire to do good in the world because it is the right thing to do or is it in return for selfish personal gain.. do i follow the teachings of christ because i believe in finding true life to the fullest in it, or do i have alternative motives.. i think that it is easy to focus on a salvation that delivers us to a eternal heavenly place, but we miss the fact that the point of our salvation may not be our future destination but our present situation.. god is right here, right now.. his kingdom is established.. the point of the life of christ is not exclusively his death on the cross for the sins of the world, but inclusively the life that he lived before his death and resurrection.. while we place great significance on atonement, i know i tend to forget that he didnt just set me free in the afterlife, but mainly right now in the present..

i am constantly reminded through my selfishness that there are far more inportant things in life than personal gain.. instead of focusing so much on the great me, i need to love on the great we.. love is not conditioned by selfish gain, but it seeks to serve the loveless.. i hope that i can learn to live not for what i can get, but for what i can give..


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


in my last few blogs, i have talked about the idea that scripture has no life without action.. when we do the things the bible says, it is then that it is alive, breathing, living.. there are some friends of mine in santa monica, ca that have really encouraged me in this and have been trying to figure out some practical ways to live out scripture.. heres an example of how theyre trying to do it..

Matthew 25:35,40
-I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink...
-whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

- we will drink water exclusively for the next 27 days
- we will not purchase bottled water for the next 27 days
- we will take the money we save on beverages we would have purchased and donate it to an organization that gives water to immigrants crossing the border
- we will visit this organization sometime in the next month
- we will attempt to raise money to build a well in a place where there is no drinking water
- we will monitor our own water usage and discuss the impact our usage has on the world
- we will become informed about water issues in our local westside area
- we will meet again on November 8th @ 7PM