Monday, May 11, 2009


a while back, there was a filming crew that came to our tuesday night training drill at the fire house, to film us training as a volunteer fire agency.. they are called "volunteer nation" and they decided to interview me for their program.. i wasnt sure if they were going to actually use me for the documentary but i got an email saying they used me for their first preview video. here is the video.. i am at the 0:57 second mark and it short.. please visit the website and leave a comment to show support to their cause..

Volunteer Nation - Season One Trailer from Volunteer Nation on Vimeo.

if this video doesnt play then click HERE


Tim said...

you are sexy.

lets chat soon.

miss you guys.

Ben Hess said...

awesome vaka, thanks for the post and including the trailer on the blog. we look forward to catching up again soon!

Derek D said...

If I started a fire in my house, would you come and save me in TN?

miss you bro, hit me up soon

Going Weston said...

AAAH!! you were so COOOL! I wish to be next to you.