Wednesday, January 14, 2009


let it burn, let it burn..

i got my first traffic ticket and it was totally a let down.. i was on my way from santa monica, with my bro sea, driving north on interstate 5.. now, i have to say that i have been, for the most part, a law abiding american.. i dont like to be unsafe on the road because its dangerous and ive responded on enough vehicle accidents to keep me straight..

i was driving on I-5 when a cop pulled me over.. he gave me a ticket for going 86 mph on a 70 mph speed limit highway.. he didnt care for conversation.. just wrote me up and sent me on my way with purple cheeks from the spanking he just gave me..

now normally i would begin this paragraph by saying this cop sucks, he was wrong, i was innocent, there was no way i was going 86 mph, hes racist, im going to fight it, what is the world coming to, obama is going to avenge me, i was wronged, blah, blah, blah, feel sorry for me......

instead im going to end by saying i was wrong, it was my fault, may the state of california have mercy on me.. it definitely still burns from what happened.. i think ill just let it burn so that i dont forget my wrongs..

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Betsy said...

getting tickets is the worst feeling. on the other hand, bruised ribs and near death experiences from car accidents do sober up a bad driver. i hope you guys are doing well vaka! are you going to be around knoxtown any time soon?