Saturday, January 17, 2009


tongan art

used the red pen to get a general idea of what he wanted to design

used the purple to better define the outline

here's a pic before he makes it official

this is mid-project

this is the finish product for now.its the basic outline

im really excited that im getting this tattoo.. ive been saving patiently for it.. i told the artist that i want tongan and only tongan art on me.. he specializes in polynesian art but i just want my culture.. i told him that i hoped it would feel like armor on me cause i feel that my culture is what keeps me grounded and in a sense protects me.. if you want to see some of his work he has a website..



Going Weston said...

NIG!!! that tattoo is craaazy! I hope you get it though, it'll be hot.

Oh, and I've always wanted to have sex to Electric Feel, so we're both kind of on the same page...right...?

Eric Szyrko said...

looking good. can't wait to experience the glory in person.

brent, jess, mason & cash said...

oh now we can see the whole thing!'s awesome!!!!!!!! we love it...can't wait until april! love you, brother!