Tuesday, February 24, 2009


tongan art part 2

so this past weekend i went back to LA to take a written test for the Los Angeles Fire Department.. while there this weekend, i figured i would get the 2nd sitting on my tattoo done.. here is a picture of it..



i have 1 more sitting to complete it and that is when it will really come to life.. i wanted this tattoo to represent itself as armor and i feel that it really is.. much respect to the artist..


christina said...

that's one beautiful tat.

katherine said...

I love it!! and I love you!!! Look at that...

I really do like it a lot..it's meaningful

Anonymous said...

are you familiar with the LAFD's written tattoo policy?

v.taimani said...


to my understanding, i believe the policy pretty much says that tattoos cannot be visible when in uniform.

i do know that when i have my class b short sleeve uniform shirt on, my tattoo does not show.. now when i have a t-shirt on, you can see the bottom of it..

i figure that if i need to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover it, that shouldn't be a problem..

any thoughts?

Casey Mara said...

Dog I can't wait to go down for the third sitting and see King at work. Miss both you and shannon a lot. Look forward to seeing you in April.

Going Weston said...

you are so bad ass

Going Weston said...

Nig! you gotta couch for me to sleep on? cuz I'll be out there in a heart beat son.